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Virtual and augmented reality open a wide range of opportunities offering better healthcare services and improving patient care. Similarly, blockchain technology is also revolutionizing many industries. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies has increased the scope of blockchain technology. Crypto traders may use automated platforms to increase their trading efficiency. Visit https://www.etf-nachrichten.de/autotrading/ to learn more about these platforms.
Augmented Reality Development
Creating mobile and desktop apps using augmented reality technologies, like face recognition, Facebook и Instagram face masks design, 3D/2D object recognition, GEO identification, complex back-end solutions.
Virtual reality development
Creation of full-fledged VR projects for diverse purposes, regardless of the complexity, including projects for mobile, desktop, wireless VR, as well as solutions for web resources. In addition to our expertise in creating VR projects for diverse purposes, we also specialize in developing immersive VR experiences for casino games. With VR casino games, players can step into a virtual world where they can interact with various casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and slots in a highly immersive and engaging manner. If you're new to the casino world, kickstart your gaming adventure with domestic online casinos. The Korean blog 국내 온라인카지노 has curated a list of top casinos, offering a range of games like blackjack, slots, and baccarat for your enjoyment. Check out Now!
Research and innovation in AR / VR
This field of our activities involves studying the task, analyzing the capacities of Augmented and Virtual Reality, searching for the best solutions or designing them, testing selected solutions, analyzing obtained results.
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