3D Shoes

3D modeling / 2020, Retail
3D Shoes
NDA, Italian shoe brand
To develop a modular solution for the website, which will allow users to create their own unique shoes in 3D and place an order
Framework: Babylon.js
Devices: desktop and mobile
Project Manager, Senior Dev, UI/UX designer, Senior 3D artist, QA spec

3D shoes interface


The task of creating an interactive shoe model is not trivial, so we had to spend several days looking for a suitable framework. As a result, we have chosen babylon.js. The availability of full documentation for this framework was a big advantage.

3D shoes customization


After choosing babylon.js as the most effective tool for working with 3D models in this case, we were faced with a new problem. The look of the model depended directly on the weight of the used textures and materials. Our task was to find the optimal balance between system utilization and display quality. After hundreds of tests, we found the most optimal approach, obtaining high quality with a normal processor utilization.

3D shoes comparing

3D model

The development of a 3D model was also not an easy task, since it was necessary to assemble not one model, but a kind of a construction so that several elements should look harmoniously together. The work with adjusting the light and materials was also important. It made it possible to create a real-looking model.

3D shoes rendering