MiM VR Business School

VR / 2018, Entartainment
MiM VR Business School
Business School Booking Club MiM, Ukraine
develop an interactive quest in the virtual reality based on famous stories
Environment, SDK: Unreal Engine 4
Devices: HTC Vive
Project manager, 3D artists, UI/UX designer, 3D animator, UE4 developers

Location One - VR Room

Each user of the interactive quest had to complete tasks in three locations in virtual reality. The first location was a room in which the user had to find three objects and with their help open the door to the next location.

Location Two - Sherlock Holmes VR

In the second location, the user was at the crime scene, where he had to find all the evidence and identify the killer. Only those who were familiar with the methods of deduction and induction of Sherlock Holmes were able to complete this task. After the user puzzled out the mysterious crime, he received an indispensable attribute of a brilliant detective and gained access to the next location.

Location Three - Alice in Wonderland VR

The last location was a wonderful world of Lewis Carol from Alice in Wonderland. The user found himself in a dark forest, surrounded by strange mushrooms, mysterious trees and an unpredictable plot.