Herbalife AR

AR / 2018, Entertainment
Herbalife AR
Herbalife Nutrition, Belarus
The creation of WOW invitations with an interactive quest in augmented reality
Development environment, SDK: Unity 3D, Easy AR
Devices: 99% of existing smartphones
Project Manager, Senior Dev, UI/UX designer, Middle 3D artist, QA spec


Specially for the closed annual international meeting for Herbalife top workers, we have created a custom invitation card in augmented reality. Using the app, each participant had to “revive” the invitation and pass a small quest by completing a number of tasks. After successful completion, the participant received the time and place of the meeting as a reward.

List of works

  • development of animation script
  • creation of 3D models
  • development of marking functionality for augmented reality
  • creation of animations
  • app voice-over
  • preparation and release