NABU VR quest

3D modeling, VR / 2018, Entartainment
NABU VR quest
National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine
Increasing citizens’ self-awareness thanks to virtual reality
Development environment, SDK: Unreal Engine 4
Devices: HTC Vive
Project Manager, Senior Dev, Middle Dev, Senior 3D artist, Middle 3D artist, QA spec


A virtual reality quest was designed for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Its main goal was to collect the necessary evidence to raise suspicions of a corrupt official.
Wearing virtual reality glasses, the user finds himself in a room with an official who is suspected of receiving a bribe. And despite the fact that there are reasons to suspect this person of receiving a bribe, first you need to go through all the stages of collecting evidence. The user will carefully conduct a search of the room looking for evidence that can be attached to the case.
The project from idea to its release was developed by our studio and was developed to help in the fight against corruption. In order to maximize the reality of the scenario, we cooperated with crime investigators and prosecutors.

List of works

  • creation of script and quest ideas
  • development of an official 3D model
  • development of 3D models of apartments and its interior
  • development of interactivity
  • assembly and testing of the app