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The use of modern technologies brings the trade sector to the next level. It is easy to provide the client with the opportunities that he did not have when interacting with a regular online store with the help of AR and VR. Virtual and augmented reality are already becoming the part of our daily life. If some time ago you had to visit an offline store to try on desired clothes, now you can evaluate the color and style without leaving your home. Just use a special app.

Augmented Reality in Retail

IKEA virtual furniture to every house

In 2017, a Swedish company introduced its Ikea Place AR app. It is developed to visualize furniture in the client interior. To understand how an armchair, wardrobe or sofa will look in a room, you just have to scan it using your smartphone. Then in the selected space you can place any furniture from the online store collection.

Digital makeup by MAC Cosmetics

The American cosmetics manufacturer moved a little further and developed a program for AR-stands. Thanks to this program, you can see how makeup created using selected cosmetics will look on your face right in the store. This not only draws attention to brand stores, but also allows the company to save on their sample production.

Not only for boutiques

Bell Integrator is an international company that has implemented augmented reality technology in supermarkets to facilitate the search of the necessary products and give away bonuses from the store. The user points the camera at a special poster, removes the protective layer and sees his prize. In addition, the user can see various 3D models of the store’s products thanks to this app.

AR in retail, store chain “Magnet” and Star Wars

Retail store chain “Magnet” dedicated their special offer to the release of the film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. By scanning the icon in the salesroom, visitors could record a video or take a photo with the hero of this cinematic universe, a stormer. For it to appear, you had to download the special “Galactic tokens” app.

Virtual Reality in Retail

Augmented reality offers to place a new item to the buyer’s world through high technologies. Virtual reality, on the contrary, places the client to the world created by one or another brand in order to tell about this brand. Interesting, creative and unusual ideas for using VR are especially typical for the fashion world, but gradually move to other trade sectors.

Virtual reality in a shoe store

Merrell started to produce a new model of hiking boots suitable for lovers of extreme mountain walks. To feel all the emotions that arise when traveling through the mountains, visitors were offered to wear virtual reality glasses and pass an obstacle course. Feeling of reality was achieved thanks to the wooden planks under the feet and the rope railing.

TopShop fashion show

A chain of clothing stores invited customers to plunge into the atmosphere of a major fashion event. Wearing virtual reality glasses, a visitor could be at a fashion show, and in the first row. Models presented a new collection designed by the store.

Virtual reality for selling vacuum cleaners

VRTech has developed a game aimed at promoting the Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner. The app, with the help of which a person plunges into virtual reality, challenges him. It is necessary to vacuum as much the floor area in the allowed time as possible. The idea is implemented using sensors fastened on a vacuum cleaner.


Virtual and augmented reality technologies continue to develop, and they are increasingly being incorporated by retail-focused entrepreneurs. Inventing new ways to present goods and services to consumers, they draw attention to the brand and contribute to the development of innovative technologies.

AR and VR are promising directions, since the benefits of their use are not only in the promotion of goods. Modern technologies in salesrooms and innovative apps for smartphones allow us to optimize the space and reduce the need for sales consultants. By investing in augmented and virtual reality, the entrepreneur of the future will be able to save.