Virtual reality development

Creation of full-fledged VR projects for diverse purposes, regardless of the complexity, including projects for mobile, desktop, wireless VR, as well as solutions for web resources.
VR development
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Development of desktop VR solutions that presuppose the use of VR glasses, personal computer, and an app. It features a high level of detail but is restricted by wires and expensive equipment. We support most of the existing VR glasses, including Oculus, HTC, Sony, etc.
It requires VR glasses (Cardboard) and a mobile app. Mobile VR features simplified design and low-poly 3D objects due to significant restrictions on the app size.
Wireless or stand-alone Virtual Reality requires special VR glasses and an app. It features average graphics, cheap equipment, lack of wires and requires your personal computer. We support the majority of available glasses, such as Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Cosmos, and more.
The development of modular solutions to be embedded on the website. In most cases, these are used as 360° video/photo or 3D demo models/objects.
Desktop VR
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