iStories AR

AR, photo / 2019, Retail
iStories AR
Lookinar, owned app
to save the most important memories of our lives
Plugins and platforms: Unity 3D, Easy AR
Devices: 99% of existing smartphones
Project Manager, Senior Dev, Middle dev ,UI/UX designer, QA spec


We have developed a mobile app that allows you to animate the photos of users in augmented reality, saving the most pleasant memories for many years. In conditions of a huge information flow, it is very difficult to single out the moments that are worth holding on to. The iStories app is the bank of the most important moments in augmented reality.

How does it work?

  1. 1. The user sends his photo and video, which should come to life in augmented reality.
    2. We optimize the materials received, combine them and place them in the iStories app. The user gets his unique code, allowing access to his animated photos.
    3. The user downloads the iStories mobile app, enters a code, points the phone’s camera to his photo and enjoys the brightest moments of his life in augmented reality.


Project work list

  • development of app concept and idea
  • creation of basic project structure
  • development and implementation of augmented reality module
  • development of UI/UX app
  • development of a database and ensuring its storage
  • preparation and release