Augmented Reality Development

Creating mobile and desktop apps using augmented reality technologies, like face recognition, Facebook и Instagram face masks design, 3D/2D object recognition, GEO identification, complex back-end solutions.
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Marker Augmented Reality is based on using markers (targets) for playing content. Markers may be images and 3D objects. This technology is supported by many mobile devices and is easy to use.
Markerless Augmented Reality uses any flat surfaces for content playing. This technology is limited by the power output of mobile telephones supporting this functionality. It provides stable performance with iPhone 6s and later and Android devices priced over $200.
Spark AR technology enables the creation of diverse content using Instagram and Facebook apps. This technology limits the amount and contents of your output.
We use the latest Google and Apple libraries to design state-of-the-art technology solutions based on user face identification. It provides stable performance on high segment phones only - iPhone 10 and later, Android devices priced over $400.
Marker AR
Markerless AR
Facebook and Instagram filters and face masks
Face recognition