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Culture and Art

The opportunities that augmented and virtual reality technologies offer to people have already been appreciated by trade and education sphere. The innovation is of interest to scientists, including physicians. Millions of gamers around the world are fond of it because of the opportunity to plunge into the world of your favorite game.
One might wonder what computer simulations have in common with art? But the new creativity sides, discovered thanks to AR and VR technologies, are attracting more and more creators who are ready for experiments. You can see their works in museums, at exhibitions, in art spaces and even on the street.

Augmented Reality in Culture and Art

Museum together with AR guide

Everyone has been to the museum at least once. It is interesting and fascinating to listen to a speaker, but sometimes you want to pause him and go to the next exhibit. Augmented reality technology in museums is available using a special headset or a regular smartphone. Having connected to such kind of excursion, the visitor will be able to find out much more information than with a simple look at the object. For museums, exhibitions and other cultural sites, this is a great opportunity to attract more visitors.

Emotions materialized with technologies

The phrase “augmented reality” is associated with something technological and modern. But there are eternal things that with the help of AR technologies can be seen from a completely different angle. Today, this approach of creating exhibitions is very popular among modern artists. After all, using a special app, you can make static works in painting and graphic art separate from the canvas and become the part of the exhibition hall.

Art reinterpretation in Ontario Gallery

It is not necessary to create new objects of cultural heritage to make an exhibition interesting. An interesting experiment was conducted at the Ontario Art Gallery: by completing the museum’s specimens using AR technologies, workers kept an eye out the visitors. They managed to achieve the goal: holding smartphones in their hands, people did not lower their heads down, as is typical when watching a news feed at a boring event. It was necessary to view the picture in augmented reality.

Real dinosaur in Handbuilt Creative

An amazing example of a photorealistic AR from the world of culture and art is a dinosaur, created by the employees of Handbuilt Creative. A prehistoric animal is an exact copy of the reptile that once lived on our planet. The 3D model, worked out to the smallest detail, demonstrates the structure of the skeleton and the habits of the ancient reptile. Such a show will delight both a child and an adult.

Liz Edwards virtual art

The artist was inspired by a colleague who added a Photoshop to a desktop in a VR app and did paintings there. Having ordered a virtual reality helmet, Liz got Tilt Brush app, thanks to which she does her 3D masterpieces today. In her paintings, most often you can see scenes from films, including superhero films: for example, her recent work with Wonder Woman. Usually a girl creates pictures in the world of Fallout 4 game. This is more complicated due to the peculiarities of game structure, but it is always interesting and fascinating. The use of modern technologies for the artist is a great opportunity to draw attention to your talent.

VR clay for the sculptor

American Gio Nakpil believes that art in virtual reality is created for open and very personal communications between the creator and the audience. In his opinion, in the nearest future, VR glasses will become no more expensive than video games. The man himself, being a sculptor, transferred his workspace to virtual reality. This not only helped to save on materials, but also allowed the creation of bizarre, interesting and realistic monsters from digital resources. Seeing Gio’s talent, Hollywood representatives turned onto him. So his virtual ideas can already be seen in “The Avengers” and “Star Wars”.


Where virtual reality is intertwined with culture and art, a new breathtaking genre is born. Special programs and devices help to watch the work of artists who keep up with the times. Everyone can join them, you just need some talent, enthusiasm and a little bit of gadget understanding.