2D/3D Design

Developing graphics and content – creating 3D characters, 3D object models and scenes, setting visual effects, developing UI/UX design, creating 2D/3D animations.
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Creation of 3D and 2D characters of any type and for any idea. Our work includes the development of a concept, the creation of a high-poly model and retopology (the creation of a low-poly character model that will be optimal for the game engine).
It includes the creation of a character’s skeleton (each model requires an individual approach), skinning (work on connecting of the skeleton to the model itself, work on their correct interaction) and rigging (creating the controllers for further animations).
We are designing 3D objects of any complexity - from interior items (tables, chairs) to complex technological objects (combustion engines, vehicles).
We are creating a quality design which lets you stand out against the backdrop of everyday mediocrity. Besides, we develop 2D animations for Augmented Reality projects.
Character Design
3D Object Modelling
Design and 2D Animations