The world is waiting AR

AR, Game / 2020, Retail
The world is waiting AR
“PLUSPLUS” TV сhannel, “Ranok” publishing house, Ukraine
To attract and hold children’s attention to the learning process through the game and augmented reality
Development environment, SDK: Unity 3D, Easy AR
Devices: iOS (iPhone 5+) and Android (90% of models)
Project Manager, Senior Dev, Middle dev ,UI/UX designer, Senior 3D artist, Middle 3D artist QA spec


“The World is Waiting for New Discoveries” app with games in augmented reality allows children not only to play with their favorite characters, but also to learn interesting facts about the world.
The app contains five games, each of which is associated with serious topics on the electricity generation thanks to natural forces. Users will learn about solar panels, windmills, a compass, a wind generator and wind power in a playful way.
After completing the four main games in augmented reality, the child gets the opportunity to participate in a super game.

List of works

  • Creation of characters in 3D based on the design
  • Creation of environment in 3D
  • Game concept development
  • Game structure development
  • Creation of 3D environment
  • Development and release of the app