Rich Kids Magic

AR / 2019, Education
Rich kids AR application development
Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited, Ukraine
augmented reality promotional campaign
Development environment, SDK: Unity 3D, Easy AR
Devices: 90% of existing smartphones
Project manager, UI/UX designer, 2D artists, Unity devs

Promo launch

In the first phase of the promo campaign for Rich Kids juice, we developed a mobile application with augmented reality. The application allows children to revive the packaging and go on a fascinating journey with Rich Kids heroes. Together with the heroes, children learn about the healthiness of fruit, pass through the incredible adventures in the Magic world of Rich Kids, and explore the fantastic scientific experiments, that can be repeated at home in Augmented Reality.

Main launch

Introducing reviving juices to the market warmed up the audience. It came time for the main content - experiments in augmented reality. Thanks to them, users were able to learn about the laws of nature in the form of games, and see incredible experiments with the heroes of the world of juices Rich Kids.

The list of works

  • application design development
  • creating 2D animations
  • 3D content creation
  • creating 3D animations
  • implementation of AR module
  • application mechanics development
  • assembly and publication of the application