Web VR (Web GL)

VR / 2020, Culture
WEB VR (Web GL) технология
WebGl Demonstration
Personal idea
Development Environment, SDK: Unity3d, WebGl
Devices: desktop browsers
Project manager, UI/UX designer, 3D artists, Unity dev

Gallery made with Web GL(Web VR)


Web Gl is a universal solution for 3D demonstration of any objects with the possibility of introducing interactivity directly on the site by inserting a special web block. An effective solution to attract the interest of site visitors and create a new consumer experience for most areas of the service business - from language training to cooking workshops.

Web VR Sample

List of works

  • 3D room model development
  • 3D element optimization
  • adaptation of existing paintings
  • customization of light, materials, textures
  • motion setting
  • assembly of the room

Link to the project

Unity WebGl

Art Web Gl