We are eager to share the good news with you: Clutch.co recently named our team as one of the best in the development of augmented and virtual reality. We are happy to know about this and we are grateful to independent experts for the appreciation of our work. We would also like to express special gratitude to the numerous LookInAr clients, whose positive reviews also influenced that choice.

Clutch.co is a project which main goal is to show B2B buyers all the noteworthy IT companies. Therefore, we are so pleased with the high rate of the website experts and the fact that our partners so readily shared their opinion about our joint work in the field of augmented and virtual reality.

We are happy to know that our efforts have been rewarded. Over the past years, the LookInAr team has implemented dozens of complex, interesting and unusual projects in augmented and virtual reality. We collaborated with major brands, created relevant content and did our best to ensure that as many people as possible got acquainted with AR and VR.

LookInAr developers are a team of people who are not indifferent to the situation in the world. We highly appreciate the work of people, without whom it would be difficult to stop the spread of the pandemic. The real heroes are doctors, police officers, firefighters, salesmen and couriers. In gratitude for their work, we created the Thank you, Heroes! mask powered by Facebook’s SparkAR. Using it, you can thank these brave and courage people in any language by trying on their work form in augmented reality.

SparkAR Lookinar Mask

To demonstrate the capabilities of WebGl in a browser, we put an entire art gallery into virtual reality. Each room has been created separately, taking into account the peculiarities of lighting. All pictures are detailed and it is convenient to view them without leaving the room.

Quest in NABU VR is a project aimed at increasing the level of self-awareness of citizens. It was developed by order of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. It is a game in which the protagonist must collect evidence of a corrupt official. To make the quest as realistic as possible, before developing it, we consulted with real investigators and prosecutors.

Rich Kids Magic is a project for children with marker augmented reality technology. After downloading a special app, a small customer can point a phone camera at a pack of baby juice and go on a journey through the world of science and magic. Heroes from the Rich Kids packs in a softly playful way talk about the benefits of fruits and experiments that can be done at home.

The world of Hops in augmented reality is our development for the Molochnyy Al’yans company. To promote a new line of milk-based baby products, we created an entire universe populated by Hops. These are funny colorful heroes living in a tree house. The phone app allows you to play mini-games, level up your character and even compete with other players online.

Another achievement in the development of augmented reality is the Jacobs New Year’s masks for coffee lovers. Within the project, we implemented two ideas at once. The first was quite simple: thanks to the parallax effect, users could take a picture in the background of the festive living room with a cup of aroma drink We worked longer on the implementation of the second idea in augmented reality. But the result was worth it: we created and optimized for Facebook a 3D holiday mug with gifts inside and animated snow.

3D Shoes is our development for an Italian shoe brand. The uniqueness of the idea lies in the fact that we have created an online constructor that allows customers to assemble unique shoes and boots from basic parts. Users can develop the perfect design for them and order custom-made shoes. Our main challenge in developing virtual reality for a shoe store was to achieve the perfect balance between quality and aesthetics.

Virtual Fitting is an app for the glasses store created by the LookInAr team. The use of augmented reality in this case has become an excellent marketing ploy. Indeed, it is often the need for fitting that stops customers from buying. It’s important to note that different markers are often used in AR and VR. In this project, they are necessary due to the characteristics of human faces. Thanks to the use of multiple control points, we were able to achieve the perfect fit of the glasses.

Creating projects based on VR and AR, we strive to make them useful, convenient and good-looking. Each new order for our team is an occasion to look at the usual work from a different angle and find different options for a brainchild. LookInAr is a team of professionals who prioritize the creation of quality content.

We believe that AR and VR are the technologies of the future, which will soon begin to develop even more in the business environment. Today our main task is not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, but to improve and delight customers with original, interesting and memorable solutions. We are glad that our success in the development of augmented and virtual reality did not go unnoticed.