AR / 2020, Art
to increase the attractiveness of Ukrainian cities for tourists
“Prostranstvo” interaction platform
Development Environment, SDK: Unity3d, EasyAR
Project manager, UI/UX designer, 2D artists, 3D artists, Unity dev, sound-producer, server-devs

Murals AR


A social project for Rivne was developed with the aim to renew the city using augmented reality technology. LOOKINAR studio was the first in Ukraine to create an app that allows to animate murals, creating unique emotions for users. After pointing the phone camera at the mural, it comes to life in augmented reality and conveys the author’s hidden messages.

The AR Murals mobile app is a platform for placing murals waking in augmented reality throughout Ukraine. The impressive art objects attract tourists who appreciate contemporary street art. Tourists take photos and share them on social networks. It helps to popularize the city, young street artists and contemporary art in general. Each mural has a preview, information on location, author, and a description of the idea that inspired the author.

AR Murals include

- 15 impressive murals;
- 4 cities (Rivne, Lutsk, Dubno, Zdolbunov);
- 6 villages and urban-type settlements (Klevan, Privolnoye, Bystrichi, Tarakanov, Goshcha, Gorbakov);
- 4.3 average rating.

AR application ARMurals

List of works

● approval of the contract, prepayment, start of work
● internal briefing, data acquisition
● creating a group for special issues
● elaboration of scenarios and animation style
● elaboration of mural requirements
● plots adaptation for augmented reality.

Content creation
● Layering of the resulting sketches
● Animation development
● Audio materials development and optimization
● Preparation of the mural information
● Preparing a marker to bring the mural to life
● Mural implementation into the app
● Loading animation on the server

Development and Delivery
● Assembling animation in augmented reality
● Testing and bugs fixing
● Updating data in the app

Augmented reality application
Check it out

1. Download the AR Murals app.
2. Point the camera at the image.
3. Watch carefully!

Google Play download ARMurals

App Store download ARMurals

Markers AR Murals

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