Kyiv History Museum in VR

VR / 2020, Museum
VR project for museum
Record the “One Day After” exhibition in the virtual space
Kyiv History Museum
Development Environment, SDK: Unity3d, WebGl
Devices: desktop browsers
Project manager, UI/UX designer, 3D artists, Unity dev

VR Art Exposition


Our Lookinar company specializes in developing solutions for augmented and virtual reality, and our mission is to make the future closer for everyone.

That is why, when we learned about the opportunity to create a virtual copy of the exhibition, which would keep the thoughts, ideas and hopes of the authors of our time in one place, we readily accepted this challenge.
What does the future holds for us in 100 years – this question has been asked by millions of people before, this question will be asked by people in the future. Will we all gather at the opening of the next project in the Kyiv History Museum, or will the whole history be already stored somewhere in the information field?

Will Kyiv remain the same as we know it, what our way of life will be, what our communication will be like, how our descendants will look like, will Apple retain its dominance, and what will become of Google? Will we colonize Mars? Will we find life on other planets?

When you try to answer these questions, you understand how many possible ways of events development there are, and how many sides our life has. And at such moments you realize how important moments of reality are.

Museum in Virtual Reality 3D art exposition


The exhibition consists of 3 sections in VR – Humanity, Nature and the Universe. In each of these sections, the authors of paintings and installations presented to the whole world their vision of the future, depicted through the prism of reality.

Some paintings have dark colors without a drop of hope, some, on the contrary, are full of joyful colors and a happy future. By clicking on the painting, the user will see information about it – the author, the name and description of the ideas that the author put into this work.

VR 3D paintings

Standing near the painting, you will need to press the space bar and a list of all authors will be displayed. Having selected needed painting from the list, the user will be transferred in the virtual space directly to the selected painting.

To select the next section, the user will have to click on the “Halls” menu and select the section that interests him.

In total, this virtual project contains more than 160 paintings in five halls and one 3D model. Each hall has its own unique music, so do not forget to turn on the sound.

VR 3D paintings

List of works

  • 3D hall model development
  • 3D element optimization
  • adaptation of existing paintings
  • customization of light, materials, textures
  • customization of interactivity with pictures
  • sound adding
  • motion setting
  • assembly of the room

How does it work


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