CEO, Igor Ignatenko Shares How Lookinar Accelerates at GoodFirms

CEO, Igor Ignatenko Shares How Lookinar Accelerates at GoodFirms

CEO, Igor Ignatenko Shares How Lookinar Accelerates at GoodFirms Through Innovation & Proffering High-End Services



Lookinar was incepted in 2016 in KYIV by a team of enthusiastic individuals who with the help of technologies of augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality, produces innovative applications, exciting games, and remarkable impressions. The company consists of a team inclusive of designers, developers, 3D artists, and VR engineers with an exceptional vision to amaze and impress users' minds. Recently, GoodFirms got an opportunity to schedule an interview with the CEO of Lookinar - Mr. Igor Ignatenko. The CEO of Lookinar unveiled the insights of the company by describing in-depth about its services, his role, and responsibilities for the company. Moreover, the Lookinar is also renowned for its extensive knowledge of AR/VR development. The team by focusing on clients' demand assures to deliver the desired results in a stipulated time.


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How Does the Company Differ from Others?

In the arc of modern technology, many companies are implementing AR/VR technology for better outcomes. The main objective of the Lookinar is to create a product such that it helps the customers to enhance the strong sides of their respective businesses. With this, Igor adds to the above statement, asserting, "If clients are not getting a better result despite spending a lot on AR/VR technology, then we would suggest them to switch over the technology which can boost their businesses."


Describe Lookinar's AR/VR Service:

Starting with AR/VR services rendered by Lookinar, the CEO mentions - "We can offer Virtual and Augmented Reality experience to businesses for creating unforgettable moments of connection between people and companies." The company more often uses Unity3D as the main engine for developing AR solutions, as this platform helps in developing cross-platform applications in one-click. The professionals at Lookinar also practice VR technology for small projects and big projects, and the team develops high-quality models using Unreal Engine 4. The experts at Lookinar practice Unity3D as the primary tech stack inclusive of other tools, technologies, and plug-ins like - Vuforia, EasyAR, Arkit, ArCore, Wikitude, and SparkAR.


Moreover, while creating VR applications, the team at Lookinar makes sure that each session should not be prolonged than 30-40 minutes. The team always maintains a balance between the quality of the project and the system specifications of the devices. Thus, armed with such an expert and experienced team, Lookinar gets dubbed amongst the top AR/VR developers in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

The following review obtained at GoodFirms is proof of the quality AR/VR solutions deployed by the team at Lookinar.


How Much Success Has the App Design Service Earned?

As deemed by Mr. Igor, the app designers of Lookinar consider various metrics for planning the timeframe of apps. The developers are well-versed in accouching apps, which mainly perform in the app stores.


Moreover, when asked about the best platform amongst iOS & Android, Mr. Igor mentioned that - "We work jointly with clients to satisfy their requirements which enable us to decide the platform which can fulfill their needs." Hence, such exceptional practices of Lookinar earn them a tag of a top mobile app design company in Ukraine at GoodFirms.


Having read the in-depth interview given by Igor Ignatenko, one can read more about it here.


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