Over the past few years, Instagram has turned from an ordinary social network into a promising platform for business development. Many of its users invest substantial sums in promoting their accounts using a variety of methods. One of the most popular in 2019 is the AR-related Instagram and Facebook masks.

It is not a secret that the photo-sharing app that has become one of the largest public relations platforms on the Internet has masks. This is a function that allows you to apply an interesting filter on the image received from the camera online. It can be just a correction of the background color or small skin imperfections, or a fully featured AR picture with 2D or even 3D objects.

What are masks on Instagram and Facebook

To look at various masks on Facebook or Instagram, you have to go to the corresponding section. You will see several pre-installed options and you can check out the custom gallery if you want. These masks seem like cute entertainment for selfie lovers, but they are actually a powerful marketing tool. Even 10 years ago, such a statement could be skeptical. But today, masks in Instagram and Facebook are one of the best ways to draw attention to your account.

How it works?

There is a special program developed by Facebook that allows you to create filters, volumetric figures or flat images, which will then be embedded in the camera’s field of view. With its help, you can create any mask for Facebook or Instagram. You only need models that can be downloaded for free or by paying the developer for them. Of course, the most advanced mask makers design them from scratch. It takes more time and costs more, but the wow effect can often pay back the cost.

What are the masks?

It is worth noting that the masks for Instagram and Facebook are quite diverse. Today, in the corresponding section of the social network, you can see several basic types, which may well be combined with each other. Modern technology allows the creators of masks to show their imagination, creating something interesting, extraordinary, funny or scary.

Masks. Although this word is used to refer to all effects for the camera, a distinctive feature of this category is face snap. You can change its color, make certain areas of the skin glow, apply makeup or transform into the hero of Avatar movie. Augmented reality only changes the user’s face in a selfie or video. Such a mask will appeal to those who like to try on a new image, and as a marketing tool it is in demand among celebrities, from creative young bloggers to world stars.

Effects for the camera. If the classic mask changes the user’s face, this category of filters interacts with all objects in the frame. As a rule, the color of the picture changes. In addition to unusual color correction, if desired, you can use effects: noise and interference, glow, sepia and others. They will give the pictures a special charm and will look great in the story.

2D or 3D objects projections. Children will be delighted with this type of masks. After all, with their help, you can place an animated cartoon character in one video with the user. Of course, the scope for creativity is not limited to cartoons. The main difference between such projections and ordinary masks is that the object is embedded in the camera’s field of view without being related to a person’s face. You can see a character from Rick and Morty dancing in the room; or order an expensive but Internet-exploding augmented reality animation for your brand. Another example is a funny mask with Smeshariki (GoGoRiki).General Instagram SparkAr Mask

Object projections and Target Tracker. If the previous option is not attached to anything at all, this mask is launched only when you point a special marker. For example, if a QR code from a pack of juice enters the field of camera view, it becomes possible to see the animation. This type of mask is rapidly gaining popularity among manufacturers of products ranging from breakfast cereals to clothing. If the product is packed in a box or has a tag on it, you can use the free space to place such a tag.

Interactive content in augmented reality. This is the freshest, not boring and interesting format that can bring any brand even more popularity. The idea is realized with the help of simple graphics that react to the movements of the eyes of a person caught in the camera lens. With the help of such a mask, you can control a futuristic car driving along a road full of dangers. Tesla’s cyber-truck model was created for fun, but you can order a similar app for marketing purposes.

Of course, there are other types of masks as well. But at the moment they are not as popular as the options above. Developers can combine different types to create their own original effects. Each of these masks is not just an opportunity to post a cute, funny or unusual and strange selfie. With their help you can really earn.

The secret of masks popularity

The phenomenon of masks for Facebook and Instagram can be explained quite simply. In recent years, the popularity of augmented reality content has grown rapidly. When you have to download a separate app to demonstrate an object or create funny pictures, users are not very willing to do it. But, since you can do it with the help of your favorite social networks, there are no obstacles in your way. First, large brands use this, and then small companies take up their initiative.

Creating special programs in which you can create a mask for Facebook or Instagram as a constructor from individual details and effects, the developers have made a huge contribution to the popularization of the phenomenon. Whereas earlier augmented reality technology seemed like something fantastic, today we see simple examples of its use every day. AR is becoming a part of everyday life and an integral part of marketing.
Masks help both new developers and owners of large companies to make money. As a result, everyone has benefit: creators of masks get payment for their work, entrepreneurs get new customers and sales growth, and users have fun and take creative photos.

Who can make money on masks on Facebook and Instagram

In 2019, masks on Instagram were recognized as the main trend of the social network. In total, the virtual and augmented reality market amounted to 20.4 billion dollars. According to forecasts, by 2023, 60.55 billion dollars will come from AR alone. The comparative novelty of the trend provides such impressive results. Today masks are gaining popularity among people who are not familiar with augmented reality technology. For them, this is an unusual, bright and interesting phenomenon.

That is why it is so important to use the opportunity: to use masks on Facebook and Instagram to promote goods and services. It is important not only to create an interesting mask, but also to get the most out of its release. Even a high-quality AR-based product will not bring popularity to an account if the user is not involved in its use. Here, your imagination is not limited by anything: you can announce a competition for the most original photo with a mask, arrange a challenge or giveaway.

If you want to learn how to create interesting, original masks from scratch, you should hurry up. Today the market is already full of talented people who make money on it. For example, digital designer Joanna Jaskowska creates masks that give the skin a cosmic glow. She has a whole army of fans who love this style of makeup.

Masks, stars and brands

We can note Kylie Jenner among the celebrities who created their mask on Instagram. By promoting the line of lipsticks from Kylie Cosmetics, the famous model gave subscribers the opportunity to try on the most popular shades using the augmented reality function. To put on branded cosmetics in a matter of seconds, you just need a phone with the current version of the app.

Rihanna also keeps pace. She released her own mask, which looks like a diamond halo or tiara in honor of the Clara Lionel Foundation’s Diamond Ball. Of course, she already is very famous, but such an action is a great opportunity to share emotions with fans and remind about yourself.

Russian Pyatnitsa (Friday) TV channel willingly caught up the trend and released the makeupfriday mask. It gives users the opportunity to try on bright and fun Friday makeup in red finish. Such a PR step, like any action in which augmented reality is involved, is able to activate the audience. Stories, photos and comments under the posts of the official account are just the tip of the iceberg.

Another worthy example is Gucci, which immediately appreciated the prospects for masks for Facebook and Instagram and prepared several creative options for fans. The first masks for the brand were created by Spark AR, and one can only fantasize about how much its specialists got for a few cute detailed 3D wigs.

One thing is for sure: today masks for Instagram and Facebook have gained great popularity, and all large companies are striving to create something interesting and unusual. Their success largely depends on the promotion policy, but the importance of the mask quality itself cannot be denied. If you order its development from a pros, you can achieve the wow effect that brands usually expect from such kind of advertising.